Graco Quattro Tour Travel System

Whether you happen to be anticipating your first child or gathering materials for a future grandchild, you are most likely readying yourself for the new changes ahead. Most parents worry about losing their ability to get up and go whenever and wherever they want on a moment’s notice, but with the Graco Quattro Tour Travel System there is absolutely nothing to worry about! Bringing a baby into the family is a beautiful thing, but it should never slow you down.

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From the moment your child is born and until the premise of toddlerhood, this will be the only stroller you will ever want or need. This stroller is packaged with three matching parts: a SnugRide32 infant car seat, an adjustable base for inside the car and a stroller with a sturdy aluminum build. Together, the system allows you to move your baby in seconds from the car to the stroller and back again. This will get rid of all or any difficulties typically involved in the process of lifting your child from their seat entirely!

It takes only seconds to move your little one from the car to wherever you are going with ease and speed. The stroller will hold the baby up to 50 pounds and is durable enough to stand up to an active toddler. The seat folds all the way down for naps or sits up to give your little one a view of the world. The infant car seat has a five point harness for complete safety and can snap into the stroller facing you, so you never have to take your eyes off them! For added convenience, there are also built-in cup holders and a handy storage compartment.

The only major problem with the Quattro Tour system is it’s hefty weight, which happens to outweigh most strollers of today. This is not a problem with Graco in particular, but an issue that many parents have with full sized travel systems altogether. Most people find the many benefits of the travel system outweigh the inconvenience of the unit weighing a little more. There are a lot of parents who also see the weight as being a minimal agitation since this stroller was made to fold up with one hand.

The Graco Quattro Tour Travel System comes in a variety of color combinations and models, each with slightly different features. You can even buy a Sport model that fits parents leading more busy lifestyles. These are made to provide parents with the extemporaneity required for surviving their day, as well as instilling a sense of contemporary style that parents value. You never have to disturb a sleeping baby just to carry them into the mall and you don’t have to worry about propping a small baby up in a stroller that she hasn’t yet grown into. This will get rid of some of the most significant problems that living with a baby usually brings about. For anyone who is active and expecting a baby, the Graco Quattro Tour Travel System can really simplify their lives, and help them stay on the go.

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