Bridal Hair Accessories Need Help Choosing Yours?

Everyone knows what a tiara looks like and you’ll find hundreds of thousandsto choose from by using the search function in Google. When you think ofaccessories for wedding dress chances are a tiara is at the top of your list. One of the main advantages of choosing a tiara as your hair accessory is the vast choice, however some brides feel that a tiara isn’t right for them andprefer an alternative. Also unlike some of the other wedding hair accessories you won’t really get the chance to wear your wedding tiara again after the bigday.

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Bridal Hair Pins

Hair pins make great hair accessories; they come in a range of styles from simple solitary Swarovski crystals on a pin or grip to intricate patterns ofcrystals and pearls.; An advantage of hair pins or grips is that they help hold the structure of your wedding day hair style, plus they can be worn again. Thedisadvantage is that you will need to wear your hair up to make use of them andoften this will require you having a hair dresser who is able to do your hair on the day.

Bridal Headbands

The range of bridal headbands is growing everyday as more and more brides areopting for this easy to wear bridal hair accessory. Their main advantage is that they work with hair being pinned up or left loose and can easily be slipped on to the head. But if you’re looking for your bridal hair accessories to make a huge impact then a simple headband might not be for you.

Bridal Side Tiaras

There is a growing trend for side tiaras, mainly because they offer the ease of a hair band for placement but offer the focal point of a large hair pin without the need to have your hair tied up. The only disadvantage I can think of for this type of bridal hair accessory is that if you want a focal point at the front of your head, a side tiara isn’t for you.

Bridal Hair Vines

These bridal hair accessories are great if you want a more relaxed and romantic look. Hair vines come in a range of sizes, widths and patterns; theycan be placed along the side of the head, twisted into the hair, worn across the forehead, used as a bun wrap or a hair band. To be honest I can’t think of anydisadvantages for hair vines, to me they’re great.

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