We got a nifty little helicopter toy…

This thing is well worth the price, it is TONS of fun. Everyone wants to fly it. It’s great to set-up landing areas and scenarios and stuff. My buddy shot at it with a Nerf gun (anti-aircraft) and it was awesome. You can knock it out of control by shooting the rotors in the right place. But it doesn’t break it.

It has some serious lift; blows a crazy downwind, magazines and newspapers will fly around. It’ll carry a weight of two spoons under it, impressive I think. It will take off real quick if you go full throttle. And it’s surprisingly precise, I can regularly land it in about a 22 foot square.

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It’s also very durable, I have beat the crap out of it running into stuff, and it fell from almost power line height outside and didn’t break.

It marks things a little bit if you run into the walls, but rarely. If you have pure white walls you might see a few black marks, but I haven’t seen much.

Charges in about 30 minutes, flies for about 10 minutes.

Only gripes are that the charger it comes with is pretty cheap (I got a better Li-Po charger after that one broke) and that the controller sometimes loses contact. But that’s rare.

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