Do you love the thrill of buying antiques?

Do you love antiques? Do you love the extra thrill of buying antiques at auction and wondering if you will win the bid? It’s not just the challenge of winning the bid that draws people to auctions, it is wondering the price they will have to pay for their beautiful piece of furniture. Pieces at auction generally have a price guide and the prices tend to fall within that but it can happen that unexpected demand for a piece can raise the price substantially. It can also happen that there is little demand and a piece goes for much less than the guided price.

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When you consider that antique furniture purchased at auction can be the same price or even less than modern high street furniture, it really is a clever investment buy a piece of furniture that will be a conversation piece, hold memories for you and be an investment for the future as it is likely to increase in value rather than devalue.

How To Buy Antiques At Auction

  1. know the numbers of the pieces you are interested in and have inspected them thoroughly.
  2. Decide on your budget.
  3. Buy what you want for your home, rather than buying on a whim. This will make the piece special for a lifetime.
  4. If you can, inspect the item before the auction. Most auction houses will be open for 2 or 3 days before the actual auction.
  5. If this is your first auction, position yourself where you can see the auctioneer clearly and s/he can see you.
  6. You can decide whether to start the bidding or wait until it is down to one or two bidders.
  7. Once you have started bidding and the auctioneer has acknowledged this, a simple nod of the head for each successive bid will be sufficient if you wish. A shake of the head means you are not going to bid any more.
  8. You can leave an ‘absentee bid’ and the auctioneer bids on your behalf. You won’t be able to tell who you are bidding against or if you narrowly missing winning your piece.
  9. You can bid by telephone so this will be live and you will be informed as to how many people are bidding against you.
  10. When budgeting remember that most auction houses will charge “buyer’s fees” which will be added to the sale price of the item.
  11. Remember to ask about delivery of the item particularly if it is a large piece of furniture.Most auction houses will be able to organize this for you for a fee.
  12. Above all, enjoy the experience. It can be fast moving and exciting. You may have butterflies in your tummy before starting to bid and a glow of satisfaction when you’ve been successful. You will have bought a piece of furniture or another item that is going to always be special because it was bought at an auction.

We hold quarterly auctions and our next one is in a few days. We hope to see you at one of our auctions soon and if you are reading this from outside of Ireland and wish to purchase, we can arrange shipping and delivery for you.

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