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The Latest Jewellery Styles You Need to Know About

The short and sweet of it all. There are a few key custom jewellery trends for the current season that are worth highlighting.

Mixed Metal Pieces

Mixing different metal colors and finishes, such as gold and silver or rose gold and yellow gold, is a popular trend right now.

Personalized Pieces

Custom jewellery with personalized elements, such as initials or special dates, is also a popular choice. Have something made with your own handwritting to really show off your personal style. At Bruce Trick Jewellery, we can do that! 

Stack Those Rings

Wearing multiple rings on one finger, or “stacking” them, is a trendy way to accessorize. This can include mix-and-matching different styles and metals. Make sure to check out our other post on how to stack them here!

Delicate and Dainty

Lightweight, delicate jewellery such as thin chains and minimalistic pendants are popular for their understated elegance.

Or Go Bold and Beautiful

On the other hand, large, bold jewellery such as chunky rings and oversized earrings are also a trend for those who want to make a statement with their accessories.

Handmade Quality and Sustainable

More and more consumers are looking for jewellery that is handmade and ethically sourced, and there is a growing trend towards sustainable materials such as recycled gold and silver.

Overall, the current trend in custom jewellery is towards pieces that are unique, personal, and reflect the individual style of the wearer. So have fun and play with these  to show off your own persoanl style. 

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